My works are art pieces to carry them around with.


Mac Nakata



ISE NY Art Search 2013 Exhibition
Date:8th June 2013
Judge:MoMA curator Nancy Lim, etc
Sponsor:Consulate General of Japan in New York

Mac nakata ART “Paper Rescue” “Unmechanical Mechanic” ,2 Works got a prize.

Paper Rescue
Unmechanical Mechanic

Exhibition in London
Date:Jun 2017
Reception:the British Museum

I’ve received a request to show my works at the art exhibition in London 2017.The members of Royal Society of British Artists (RBA) judged my work in the exhibition.The reception of the exhibition was held at the British Museum.

Mick Davies VPRBA

Jomon earrings Museum (National Important Cultural Property Museum)
Date:February 2017


New York ISE Cultural Foundation
Date:8th June 2013
Judge:MoMA curator Nancy Lim , etc
Sponsor:Consulate General of Japan in New York

Prize:Mac nakata ART 「Paper Rescue」「Unmechanical Mechanic」2 works

New York 現代アート

ISE Cultural Foundation
Date:July, August 2013
Address:ISE Cultural Foundation 555 Broadway New York

New York 現代アート入選

Team Garden 8 exhibition


Steampunk Style(The US, UK, Italy, France, Spain, German, Canada, India – 8 countries)
Issue date:Oct 2013
Publisher:Steampunk oriental laboratory

TV program:BS Necchu-Yawa (BS熱中夜話)
Broadcast date:22nd 29th 2010 8 pm
Broadcaster:NHK(Japan’s national public broadcasting organization) BS2

TV program:Jonetsu-Jin(情熱ジン)
Broadcast date:10th Dec 2009 8:55 pm
Broadcaster:Gunma televisoin

Magazine:SHANIMU(No.26) that is a magazine of corporate business department of Yamada-Denki Co., Ltd
Issue date:20th Feb 2009
Publisher:Ric telecom Inc